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Hank Levy is dedicated to educating all Alameda County residents about the County's financial affairs and welcomes questions and concerns from all constituents. He is a proactive Treasurer, finding ways to provide affordable housing, engaging in the City of Oakland public bank study, educating the community about their tax bills and county finances, and promoting financial security among our county employees. 

Making a difference

  • Affordable Housing: Work with cities in Alameda County and with non-profits to use provisions of tax code to allow for sales of delinquent property to be used for low-income housing and public space
  • Economic Development: Use Linked Deposits and Public Banking strategies for community and economic  development for small businesses and to expand home ownership
  • Schools: Increase revenue to schools in the pooled investment funds
  • Cannabis: Work with all department agencies to create revenue-enhancing and fair policies
  • Seniors: Inform seniors of exemptions from certain assessments, explain property tax postponement plans to low-income seniors
  • Taxpayer Education: Meet with community, labor and business, professional organizations to explain tax bill, revenues and expenses, work on programs related to all taxes and financial literacy
  • Outreach and Involvement  with  Leaders in Alameda County, other Counties and State to be aware of policy areas
Importance Issues to the tax payers of Alameda County
  • Know where your property tax dollars are going
  • Support the modernization of the tax collection system, make it efficient and secure
  • Support housing in the County
  • Support education
  • Support financial literacy among all citizens of the County
  • Support financial wellness among the county employees

My positions
  • Along with my elected counterparts in the Assessor’s and Auditor-Controller’s office, I will lead education efforts to the taxpayers of Alameda County to educate them [start with good overview website on ROV:

  • Lead the effort to bring new technology to the department
  • Promote housing developments by making better known the Chapter 8 program to build low-income housing on tax-delinquent properties and also work with local banks to increase their loans to housing development
  • Increase the returns to the investment pool, which primarily go to schools

  • Work with community and professional organizations to support financial literacy for low-income, students, all citizens
  • As part of my positions with the Alameda County’s employee pension and salary deferral retirement plans, will promote increased outreach and education for financial wellness, will work with other departments (such as Human Resources)


Paid for by Levy for Treasurer 2018.
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