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The office of the TTC has three major components:

  • To provide efficient and effective tax collection of property taxes (secured and unsecured), to collect business, utility and hotel taxes in the unincorporated areas of the county, and to sell property which has become delinquent. There are over 470,000 secured property parcels in the County.

  • To manage and protect Alameda County's financial assets, by acting as the County's banker and directing the investments of the County's funds, which are invested in a portfolio of credit instruments called an "investment pool." These funds also belong to school districts and other related agencies, and it is the job of the TTC to provide all pool participants with safety, liquidity and yield on their investments. The pool currently has approximately $5.5 billion.

  • To act as the fiduciary for the deferred compensation program for County employees who choose to participate. Almost 60% of the County's employees choose to participate in this program, and there are over $650 million of employee's funds currently invested.




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